Corey Feldman Surprises Fans at Lucky Strike With Pink Floyd Performance After Making Headlines on ‘Today’ — Watch


Corey Feldman Surprises Fans at Lucky Strike With Pink Floyd Performance After Making Headlines on ‘Today’ — Watch


He’s baaack! Corey Feldman surprised attendees at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood on Wednesday, September 28, by hopping on stage and performing Pink Floyd’s classic tune “Money”

According to an eyewitness, the former child star was in his “natural element.”

“He was having a lot of fun!” the attendee recalled of Feldman’s surprise performance.

The Goonies star, 45, can be seen in a video grabbing the mic and telling the crowd, “You all know this one, come on!” before snapping to the beat and belting out the lyrics to “Money.”

“He was having a blast … he seemed very lively and spent the night dancing around the stage,” the eyewitness tells Us of the fun night.

Feldman made headlines after he gave what many considered a bizarre performance of his new single “Go 4 It” on the Today show on September 16.During an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Feldman revealed that he cried his eyes out after he read reviews of his performance later that day.

“They just dive in with the worst, the nastiest, the filthiest comments I’ve ever read,” he told Us. “Like, ‘The wrong Corey died’ or ‘Why don’t you just go OD?’” (Feldman’s best friend, Corey Haim, died of pneumonia at the age of 38 in 2010 after years of drug abuse. Feldman has been clean and sober since age 19.)

“I don’t care if you’re hiding behind a computer or a keyboard — it’s not an excuse. It’s not acceptable,” The Lost Boys star told Us of the negative backlash he received. “The somebody that you’re talking about is a real person with real feelings and real emotions. And I’ll tell you what, if I hadn’t been through this one thousand times, I might’ve taken my life over it. And then how would everybody feel?”

After all the criticism surfaced on social media, celebs such as Miley Cryus and Pink defended the singer. Feldman also realized that any publicity is good publicity.

“Going into anything, you’re going to have some people love it and you’re going to have some people hate it and that’s OK. … I stand behind it 100 percent. We have gotten a lot of interest,” he concluded to Us. “When they see you pulling in these kinds of numbers, like 10 million views on a video in two days, that’s really unheard of. Nobody expected this. But whether you love it or you hate it, you can’t stop watching it. And that sells tickets. At the end of the day it’s success. We have succeeded.”

Watch his latest performance above.


3 comments to Corey Feldman Surprises Fans at Lucky Strike With Pink Floyd Performance After Making Headlines on ‘Today’ — Watch

  • David Vilhena Flores Horn-Marquez  says:

    Hello Corey. I am a big fan just downloaded your album “Love Left” and 2 singles “Go For It” and the beautiful “Remember 222 (Corey’s song)
    And I am awaiting your book “Coreyography” (great title).
    And spending the last few days watching you on “The Two Corey’s” on YouTube.
    Your a legend and look forward to learning more up you oh yeah just ordered “Dream a little Dream 1&2”

    • Barb  says:

      Please just enjoy the music corey puts out. I do think bullying should be stopped no matter who it is. We love you corey. Don’t give up.

  • Teresa Draheim  says:

    I love this, you singing Pink Floyd but I have to let you know I love
    Go for it !!!
    Just keep doing what you love and God will bless you!!!
    Fan since the 80’s !!!
    Dream a little dream is my favorite! !!
    Love you Corey!!!
    God bless!!!

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