Corey is involved with several non profit groups ranging from environmental causes to animal rights to children’s disease, homelessness, and even breast cancer.

Farm Sanctuary: works to end cruelty to farm animals and promotes compassionate living through rescue, education and advocacy. Farm Sanctuary envision a world where the violence that animal agriculture inflicts upon people, animals and the environment has ended, and where instead we exercise values of compassion.

People for the Ethical Treatment: (PETA): focuses its attention on the four areas in which the largest numbers of animals suffer the most intensely for the longest periods of time: on factory farms, in laboratories, in the clothing trade, and in the entertainment industry. Peta also work’s on a variety of other issues.

HSUS: (The Humane Society of the United States) is the nation’s largest and most effective animal protection organization-backed by 10 million Americans, or one in every 30. Established in 1954, The HSUS seeks a humane and sustainable world for all animals a world that will also benefit people. We are America’s mainstream force against cruelty, exploitation and neglect, as well as the most trusted voice extolling the human-animal bond.

Last Chance for Animals : (LCA) recognizes that animals have the ability to experience pain, and as such they deserve certain basic rights protecting them from pain caused by humans. LCA believes that non-human animals should not be subjected to suffering and exploitation by humans because alternatives exist for nearly every traditional “usage” of animals.

Wildlife WayStation: is a national non-profit, holding rehabilitation, medical and problem solving refuge for native, wild and exotic animals. Located in the Angeles National Forest, north of the San Fernando Valley, the Wildlife WayStation is a safe haven for both native and exotic wildlife and is dedicated to their rescue, rehabilitation and relocation.

Global Green: is working to address some of the greatest challenges facing humanity. In the United States our work is primarily focused on stemming global climate change by creating green buildings and cities.

Greenpeace: is an independent global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace.

Hollywood Note Foundation : is a nonprofit organization created to further promote and contribute to the Hollywood community.